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Thank you for visiting our web site. We know you are here because you recognize that your items work best when they are sharpened by a professional.

We have been sharpening over 30 years for fun and 12+ years as a trusted knife and scissor sharpening service in the Richmond, VA area.

We specialize in sharpening knives, scissors, salon shears, cutlery, dental instruments, surgical scissors, grooming shears, and clipper blades.

We service both the Home Chef and Professional Chef on site in the local Richmond area and by mail order nationally. We look forward to providing you with our outstanding service.
We service:
Home Chefs
Commercial Chefs & Kitchens
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"Mr Leonard's Sharpening Service was suggested to us by the J.A. Henckel's company when we called to enquiring about a source for dependable maintenance of our knife set. The service was prompt, courteous and professional. The knives we had sent out arrived back well packed and in beautiful working condition. We highly recommend Mr. Leonard."
- Mary and Bob in New York
In less time and money than you can do it yourself, our professional knife sharpening service will have you back in your kitchen cooking and using the sharpest knives you have ever owned!
• Our Mom's trust us to be the sharpener of their kitchen cutlery, but you probably think they are biased

• We are the sharpener of choice for the leading manufacturer of premium cutlery

• Our customers believe that we are the best sharpener around, and we have lots of testimonials from them

• Maybe you would be more comfortable if you actually talked to the knife sharpener. Give us a call toll free at 877-530-9084, or in Virginia at 804-378-2666. (The knife sharpener may be in the shop, but leave a message)
"While I was away from home, my son purchased an electric knife sharpener and went to work on my good knives. My favorite was a serrated tomato knife. Needless to say, he removed all the serration. (The knife sharpener instructions said it would work.) ...I was thrilled when it was returned to me with the serration restored and I have been using it ever since. I can recommend Mr. Leonard to any home or professional chef. He is a total professional and I would not hesitate to use him again."
- Sue in Georgia
"Once someone tries this service, there is no turning back. We become too spoiled to use anything but the best. Yes, it can be tough to live without your knives for a few days, but it is always well worth the wait. When they return, they’ll make you look like the slick TV chefs quickly slicing and dicing your way to dinner."
- Joe in Washington

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You want to be in the kitchen having fun cooking!

Not in the garage trying to figure out how to work some knife sharpener, with instructions in 5 different languages, that promised you the ability to cut up cans. (When was the last time you wanted to cut up a can?)

Quick, Simple and to the Point!

We're just sharpeners. If you own premium brand cutlery, such as Henckels or Wusthof, or an everyday kitchen knife, we are the sharpener for you. We have sharpened hundreds of thousands of knives for people who love to cook and we have the satisfied customers to prove it.

We can make you a happy cook!
Sharp knives - We sharpen all brands of knives including Henckels, Wusthof, Global, Calphalon, Chefs Choice, Ceramic, Sabatier, and others.

Quick service - Knife sharpening within 48 hours and 2 to 3 day return shipping. You will be without your dull knives for about a week. (You probably have a list of restaurants you wanted to try anyway.) Order the Knife Shipping Package and never leave your house.

Reasonable price - Knife sharpening is $6.00 each, and scissors are $8.50 each for household and kitchen scissors.

A trusted source:
Remember how impressed you were that you could actually cut, dice, slice, trim and work with food like a pro when you first used your new kitchen knife? Your kitchen knife sliced through the food without effort and you enjoyed it.

Now your vegetables are crushed, not diced, your meat is hacked into pieces instead of thinly sliced, the knife slides off of the food and you cut yourself, and using your favorite knife is no more fun than doing the dishes. You need a professional knife sharpening service!
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